Our Purpose…

Mountain Valley Expeditions (MVE) will challenge young adults in their personal relationship with God through exposure to a challenging and unfamiliar outdoor experience.  MVE desires to expose students to the beauty of God’s creation and encourage students to take on a relationship with Jesus Christ that is their own.  MVE‘s guides will lead each trip, providing each participant with the backpacking equipment and instruction necessary for them to explore God’s creation. Throughout the trip participants will be given opportunities to learn more about God as our Creator and friend through both the observation of his creation and study of his Word.

Romans 1:20
“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”
What we do…

Mountain Valley Expeditions conducts organized back-country hiking trips, providing the counseling staff and Christian education program for you or your church group.  MVE trips are conducted in either Lassen Volcanic National Park, The Trinity Alps Wilderness, or other wilderness areas in Northern CA.   Our guides purpose is to encourage the love of hiking, teaching proper trail etiquette and leave no trace.  Most importantly, along the trail they also encourage participants to run the great race of faith.  Using the setting of God’s creation, away from distraction, we hope to instill a love for walking with our Lord.  At the end of the trip, our goal is to leave the mountain trails and find the true “mountain top” experience back at home as you walk with God on a daily basis. 

What to expect…

Upon arrival at Mountain Valley Expeditions meeting location, you will have some time to stretch your legs and meet our staff.  Then, we will distribute equipment and gear before praying and loading up into the vehicles. On the trail, each group will function as a community. Every person will share in daily duties such as cooking, dish washing, setting up and breaking down tents, hauling water, and gathering firewood. Generally, groups  cover ground every day with some optional peak climbs.  Mileage covered during the expedition will depend on the fitness of the group and the trails taken.  Our meals utilize both raw and dehydrated products for high energy food to provide the much needed calories while on expeditions.   Upon return, MVE trips will end at the Mountain Valley Expeditions designated meeting place to unload our gear and equipment.  As good stewards, all members of MVE trips will help to clean and air out all equipment before storage.


MVE Dates
  • June 13-15  (FULL)  
    • High School and Jr High age trip for any level
    • $210 per person
  • June 21-22
    • Father Son Trip
    • $295 - both Father and Son , $65 per additional son)
  • July 28-31
    • Advanced High School Trip
    • $240 per person